TV Update – Dancing with the Stars, America’s Got Talent, The Amazing Race, My Super Sweet 16 Exiled and Fringe

As many of you have probably noticed, I’ve decided to move this blog onto a TV blog network called the Pure TV Network. Eventually this blog will be hosted entirely at the Pure TV Network and I’m still working hard to update the Pure TV Network homepage with an aggregation of all the networks TV blogs.

I’ve already split off a number of blogs and here’s an update from a number of the tv blogs in the network:

Dancing with the Stars Cast Finally Announced – Some intriguing names and new professionals. The best part is that it looks like the cast is rather fairly balanced. I don’t think we can see one clear winner at this point.

My Super Sweet 16 Presents: Exiled – Maybe I’m different, but I always found My Super Sweet 16 to be so over the top that it was almost unwatchable. The idea of “exiling” these teenagers is quite intriguing. Check out Rocky’s coverage of the show and the music from the show.

The Amazing Race 13 Cast – Amy is covering The Amazing Race 13 for us and she offers some interesting first impressions on the racers for TAR 13. Should be a really entertaining season with the personalities they have put together. Don’t believe me? Look no farther than the Hippie Beekeepers on TAR 13.

America’s Got Talent Semifinal Videos (Part 1) – The olympics are over and America’s Got Talent got off to a racing start with some incredible talent. Just watch the videos and see what I mean. The Hoff made a total fool of himself a couple times, but that’s not really news. It’s also worth checking out a video update of Julienne Irwin from last season’s America’s Got Talent.

JJ Abrams Fringe on Fox – If you haven’t heard about Fox’s new show Fringe which is JJ Abrams new baby, then it’s worth checking out. People are saying that it could be as good as X-files. Although most of the cast is saying it’s very different than X-files.