NBCs the Voice Season 3 – Battle Round (Observations)

So I have been watching NBCs the Voice and we are just getting underway with the Battle Rounds.

For those of you that have been paying attention I have also been watching The Voice of Vietnam which is Vietnam’s adaptation of The Voice that is just now going into the Live Rounds of the first season.

One of the first things that I noticed is that in the United States… for the Battle Rounds in the United States version when the vocalists are learning the music everyone is using just paper for the lyrics and musics. When watching The Voice of Vietnam – on the other hand – everyone was learning their music via the Samsung tablets. Interesting…

In any case, the joy of the Battle Rounds this time around in the United States version is “The Steal” where any of the coaches could “steal” the vocalist that did not win their individual battle round. We have seen the steal go to work twice in Monday’s episode of the voice as well as on Tuesday’s episode of the voice.

Let’s look more in depth with the “stolen” vocalists.


During his blind auditions three chairs turned for him: Adam, Cee Lo and Blake. Eventually he decided to go to Team Adam… when the Battle Round commenced and he lost to Bryan Keith in their Battle Round it would appear that both Cee Lo and Blake jumped in to “steal” Collin the first moment they got. Eventually Collin went to Team Blake.


During her blind auditions only Cee Lo turned his chair around for her and as such she defaulted to Cee Lo’s team. However, based on the video cuts in the episode it would appear that Adam Levine was more than annoyed that the “button pressor” point of her performance came at the end and as thus lost out on a potential player for his team. Well when the Battle Rounds came about Cee Lo grossly underestimated Amanda’s talent and as such for forced to let Amanda go in favor to keeping Trevin Hunte. Almost immediately the other judges jumped in for the “steal” and Amanda decided to go to the coach that was mad he lost out on her the first time: Adam Levine.


When Caitlin first came through the blind auditions only Adam and Blake turned their chairs around for her and she chose to go to Adam preferring “not normal” to “normal”. When she lost out on the Battle Round to Melanie Martinez, Blake wasn’t the only one that pressed his button for her, but this time also Cee Lo. Most people by this time would think she could go for Blake since this is the second time that he has wanted her, however… true to form Caitlin chose “not normal” to “normal”… which led her to Cee Lo Green.

So any thoughts as to this new aspect of the show? AKA “The Steal”?