The Voice Season 4: Chicago Auditions

This past weekend there were auditions for Season 4 of the Voice and I decided that if I was able to get everything done on Saturday then Sunday I would attend auditions just for the hell of it.

Well, as is obvious from this post I went and it wasn’t all that different from the experience I had when I went with a friend two seasons ago. The difference being the location… at least for the initial cattle call auditions which isn’t saying much since in neither situation did me or my friend make it past the cattle call auditions.

Ah well.

One thing is for certain when preparing for a cattle call audition particularly for such shows like America’s Got Talent, The Voice, American Idol, etc… the first will be a lot of standing around and waiting, move for a few moments then standing around and waiting some more… rinse and repeat.

In fact the idea that most people would come in hours early for cattle call auditions are guaranteed in for a long waiting period, whileas those that came in late (although still have to wait) don’t need to wait for nearly as long because… well they came in late.

Producers don’t actually start seeing people until a couple hours after the initial call time, and by then it is really quick. Most people auditioning would get their chance in 30 seconds or less (which is just enough time for a verse and a chorus) and within those thirty seconds if you don’t catch the producer’s attention then you are SOL.

Singing is probably the most difficult talent to stand out in, there are a lot of good vocalists, a lot of a great vocalists… but in all honesty it takes something special just to stand out for a producer to give the nod for you to move on.

One thing to keep note of is that because (like all arts) it is very subjective. It is possible to have a voice that would spread across the spectrum (having four chairs turn around – Javier Colon Season 1 Winner) but it is also possible to just cater to one person and still make it far (Nicholas David – Season 3 2nd Runner Up).

So if a producer does not give you the nod the first time around, it might be in your best interest to go again in the same weekend to see if the second chance would fair better. After all there were seven audition rooms going at once… with seven different producers. What may be good for the goose my not be good for the gander.

Since I did not get the chance to move on the most i will be able to say is that in one of the holding rooms right before waiting to be heard by the producers people would spontaneously start singing, whether individually or in groups.

One of my favorite moments was when someone brought out his guitar and started playing Adele’s Rolling in the Deep… to which a fair number of people started singing and others started joining in. Sweet and simple… well for the most part.

After staying in a massive cold holding room… we were ushered into a smaller, warmer holding room where many random people stood up and sang as a way to shake off their nerves.

Why did I do it? Well why not? I had nothing to lose, and I rather enjoy doing things just for the hell of it. This is one of those.. the last time I auditioned for The Voice it was to keep a friend company and as thus I personally didn’t have anything prepared. This time around it is just for me and as thus I had something reasonably prepared… but like I said, I didn’t expect anything and as thus I didn’t really care if I made it through or not.

From what I remember via a cattle call audition for So You Think You Can Dance (Season 3 where I did make it past the cattle call audition) it took nearly three hours to go from the audition room to go through all sorts of paperwork and informational session before I was able to leave, and I was at the audition closer to 7am.

If you do this, expect it to be a long haul, and come in with the mentality that it is for fun and just to say that you were able to do it. Enjoy every moment as it comes and if you do make it past the cattle call auditions take it with a grain of salt because again… what might be good for the goose, may not be good for the gander.