The Amazing Race season 13 Reunion Interview Now Available

As announced earlier this week, Reality Check Radio held an Amazing Race season 13 reunion which included the top 4 finishing teams, (the team of Dan and Andrew was a surprise) with Mark also joining in, solo from his partner Bill. The teams discuss what all they’ve been up to and their fans reactions to them now that the show has ended. The Amazing Race 13 alumni give insight to alliances that were formed in the competition. They also give their take on the current season of The Amazing Race and their picks.

Would they themselves do it again? How does the alumni think they were portrayed? What would they change?

Click below to listen and see what all the teams revealed.

February 26, 2009 I Written By

The Amazing Race 13: Live On-Air Reunion

On Monday, February 23rd, Reality Check Radio welcomes 3 of the top 4 final teams from The Amazing Race season 13 for a live on-air reunion.

Join winners Nick and Starr, brother and sister team, Ken and Tina, separated husband and wife team, and Toni and Dallas, mother and son team, as they answer questions from fans and discuss their time on CBS’s The Amazing Race.

The show begins at 11pm EST/ 8pm PST.  You can find Reality Check Radio online at
To participate in the live web chat, listeners will need to register for a user name at

6 people from the show all at the same time is going to be interesting. It will be fun to see how that works on a radio show with that many people. Any bets on who’s still together: Starr and Dallas or Ken and Tina? I’m putting my money on Starr and Dallas.

February 22, 2009 I Written By

Season 13 Finale

Hard to believe, but last night was the finale! The ending was unsurprising and the episode was somewhat lackluster. There was a tight race between Nick & Starr and Ken & Tina, but there was never really any doubt who would win it in the end: Nick & Starr!

Congratulations to the brother/sister team. They truly did deserve to win – they ran an excellent race.

Team Dandrew were nowhere to be found through out much of the episode – again, not surprising. They have to be the worst team to ever make it to the top three. In their parting interview, they said they made frat brothers around the globe proud. I yelled at my screen, “No you did not!”

I was disappointed to not see Toni & Dallas at the finale cheering on the finalists. It turns out, they were stuck in Russia due to the passports being lost in the cab. Wow!! I guess my theory from last week about him calling the cab company to retrieve the passports would not have helped them stay in the leg after all.

In other news

Dallas & Starr are dating and have been for six months! Awesome.
– A new season of the Amazing Race starts in just two months! Season 14 premieres on February 15th, 2009. Woot!

December 8, 2008 I Written By

A Most Disappointing Leg

It pains me to even write the recap for this episode, I was so bummed at the outcome.

The bottom line is: Team Dandrew aka The Worst Team EVER are still in this thing and are in the final three. How? Sheer dumb luck.

When they got to the mat in 2nd place, I swear I screamed like Michael Scott when he found out Toby was back on The Office.

During the Roadblock, Dallas lost his fanny pack with all of his and Toni’s money and their passports in a cab. When he told his mom about his mistake, you could tell he was holding back the tears. I was doing the same. He seems like such a good kid and I pictured the same interaction happening between me and my oldest son – my heart broke for Dallas. They spent the remainder of their time asking for and receiving money from the kind Russian strangers on the street. I was astounded at the generosity of the Russians – so many people gave Toni & Dallas all of the money they had in their wallets without hesitation. I don’t think you would see too many Americans behaving the same way in NYC.

As they dejectedly tried to complete the Roadblock, I wondered why they didn’t try to get one of the kind Russians to help them call the taxi company to get the fanny pack back. Maybe that would have taken too much time, I don’t know. It’s hard to estimate the time that elapses on this show the way it’s edited.

Anyway, Toni & Dallas never did recover and Phil finally put them out of their misery by meeting them on the street as they tried to get to the next location. He informed them the 3 other teams already checked in, therefore they were eliminated.

I guess I’ll be hoping for a Nick & Starr win; they are the team that truly deserves it. Watching the finale won’t hold much excitement for me, though, without Toni & Dallas there.

And now I need to find out if Dallas and Starr continued their romance once the show ended. I’ll report back if I find anything.

December 1, 2008 I Written By

The Marching Elaine

Is there anything else that can really be said about last night’s episode of The Amazing Race besides “Team Dandrew are the worst team to ever run the race”? I dare you to watch this video and tell me any different. Actually, I dare you to watch this video only once. It’s almost impossible. Dan’s marching is so bad, it’s mesmerizing.

And even though they suck worse than any other team, they’re still in it because last night was a non-elimination round. Grrrrr.

November 24, 2008 I Written By

The Green Episode

I had a feeling this week of The Amazing Race wouldn’t have a lot of action in it when they spent so much time showing the teams leaving the Pit Stop and getting to the airport – and I was right.

The teams started out in Cambodia and had to travel to Delhi, India. At the airport we learned that Dallas aka The Heat Miser and Starr are crushing on each other. I wonder if the producers hoped for this when they cast the show; if they got together, they’d be team Dallas Starr. Something to look forward to in a future All-Star season, I guess. As if seeing them in their matching headbands this season wasn’t enough.

We also learned that Tina is one bossy woman. By the end of tonight’s episode I got a very clear sense of why Ken cheated on her. He probably was looking for someone who believed in him more and who didn’t constantly question his decisions. It has got to be frustrating going through life like that.

All teams took the same flight to Delhi, so they were all on equal footing heading to the Roadblock. A combination of bad luck, bad taxi drivers, and bad decisions prevented all teams from getting to the Roadblock at the same time, however. I wonder what the deal was with the taxi drivers in India. Do they suck as a rule? Or did they crack under the pressure of having a camera crew riding along with them? Or perhaps they don’t like Americans and got lost on purpose.

At the Roadblock, one “artistic” team member had to paint a tuk-tuk half green to indicate their green status. This task ended up being a lot harder than it seemed and it took teams a long time to complete. Here we saw Terence show his true colors as he did nothing but nag Sarah the entire time. “I need you to go fast here.” You do?? Really? I wonder if the other teams need to go fast here, too? The amount of control Sarah has is incredible; I would have lost it on him I think. And guess who was doing pretty much the same thing to her partner? Tina! She and Terence need to get together. That relationship would be a Deadmatch worth watching.

Team Dandrew pulled out a surprising first-place finish at the Roadblock. Could there be hope for them yet?

At the Detour, teams had to choose between “Launder Money” and “Launder Clothes”. The “Money” task seemed pretty complicated when Phil explained it, but that didn’t stop me from laughing out loud at Kelly & Christy when they declared they were choosing “Launder Clothes” because they “didn’t want to get confused by money”. Basically, the teams had to put certain denominations of Indian rupees around a necklace, ensuring the total was correct, and then wade through an Indian wedding to present the rupee-laden necklace to a groom. Terence & Sarah and Ken & Tina both chose this task.

The clothes laundering task was more straight-forward. Teams had to iron 20 articles of clothing with coal-powered irons provided to them. Nick & Starr continued to dominate the game and showed off their mad clothes-ironing skills. Kelly & Christy and Toni & Dallas also did well here. Team Dandrew, on the other hand, really faltered here. They were both such big babies and were incredibly rude to the Indian woman who was judging whether or not they ironed an article of clothing well enough. I’m ready for them to get off of my TV screen now.

Alas, I’ll have to see Team Dandrew at least one more week. Here’s the finish order for this leg of the race:

  1. Nick & Starr – who won a pair of electric cars
  2. Kelly & Christy
  3. Toni & Dallas
  4. Terence & Sarah
  5. Andrew & Dan
  6. Ken & Tina

Tonight was the first non-elimination leg of the race, so Ken & Tina did not get eliminated. Instead, they will have a Speed Bump on the next leg – a task only they will have to complete in addition to all the other tasks. I felt so bad for Ken during their team interview at the end. You can tell he loves Tina so much and is struggling with his decision about what to do regarding their marriage when this race is over. Unless Tina changes her nasty, domineering ways, I don’t have a lot of hope for them.

November 2, 2008 I Written By

Where is Cambodia?

Howdy folks! Sorry for not having an update last week – football ran over and the DVR recorded 60 Minutes instead of The Amazing Race.

So last night’s episode was fairly boring. The teams had to fly from New Zealand (so bummed I missed that episode!) and fly to Cambodia. We learned that just about none of the teams have a clue about geography. Seriously? They didn’t know where Cambodia was? Astonishing. Also astonishing is the fact that we’re down to 7 teams already. The seasons of this show go by much faster for me than others.

Ken & Tina started out first since they arrived first again last week. These two are doing much better in the race and in their relationship than anyone would have guessed. I climb aboard the KenTina train a little more each week. I actually yelled out, “Awww,” when Tina couldn’t find a small chamber inside the ancient Buddist temple Angkor Wat during the Roadblock. Normally I’m yelling, “What an idiot!” Thankfully her mistake didn’t cost them too much at the finish.

Terence continued to annoy me (and [I’m pretty sure] Sarah) as he whined about her “outrunning him out the gate” every time. Should she slow down and make you feel better about yourself, Terence? The sad thing is, I think she might start to do that in the future. Stand up for yourself, Sarah! I had to giggle when they got pulled over for speeding and Sarah said, “I didn’t think you were a speeder.” Hee. You know the unfinished sentence in her mind went a little something like, “… since you are so freaking slow at racing!” I also derived much pleasure out of their boat breaking down during the Detour. Sadly, they finished in a decent spot – but! – they incurred a 30-minute penalty at the start of the next leg as a result of getting a speeding ticket.

Nick & Starr raced well and Nick only played dirty once that we saw on this leg. Pretending to not having found the small chamber at the Roadblock was only slightly dirty relatively speaking, but I still hate the way they play. Starr’s best line from the episode, “Senór, stop!” I’m not quite sure what language is spoken in Cambodia, but I’m pretty sure it’s not, you know, SPANISH. Ugh. I also hate their smug attitudes in interviews. They’re good overall competitors, though, so I need to resign myself to the fact that they’re probably going to be around for a while.

I’ve got mixed feelings about Kelly & Christy. I loved that they were so genuinely touched and saddened by the poverty of the people in Cambodia. They were the only team who actually were aware of their surroundings and the humanity involved. On the other hand, I really disliked their mean (but funny) comments about Dallas looking like Teen Wolf with his spiky hair. I’m all about being snarky, but they did it in a mean and snobby way. These two are also not the sharpest knives in the knife block. Every week they are shown doing at least one ditsy thing. Last night it was showing up in the middle of the Detour to play basketball without going to the clue box first.

Toni & Dallas continue to quietly dominate this game. I think the other teams are underestimating them in a big way. I think Toni might even be underestimating herself. She says she can’t perform the physical tasks as well as the younger players, yet she does great in every physical competition they’ve attempted. I really like both of them. Even if Dallas does have a Teen Wolf thing going on. 😉

Andrew & Dan are just pathetic. They weren’t eliminated last night – but really should have been. Unless there’s some stroke of complete dumb luck for them next week, there’s no way they’ll be around for much longer. We are due for a non-elimination round, though, so they’ve got that going for them. It’s only a matter of time, though. These two are probably the biggest disappointment for me this season. I had high hopes for them to be entertaining and smart. They’ve been neither.

Ty & Aja were really growing on me. They both seem super sweet and it’s nice to see a dating couple on the Race where the prospects look good for the future. Alas, they were too busy loving being together and not spending enough energy and motivation on the actual race, thereby getting themselves eliminated. At least Aja can console herself with the fact that Ty “would not trade her in for a Porsche or anything like that”. Aww, sweet.

Here’s the finish order:

  1. Nick & Starr
  2. Toni & Dallas
  3. Ken & Tina
  4. Kelly & Christy
  5. Terence & Sarah
  6. Andrew & Dan
  7. Ty & Aja
October 27, 2008 I Written By

I Am the Captain of My Soul

This week’s Amazing Race took place almost entirely in Bolivia where the teams had to deal with high altitudes. The episode held a few surprises, plenty of cat-fighting among teams and an ironic ending. Sadly, though, there were no sightings of Phil’s package. I think it’s been absent all season thus far. CBS is holding out on us!

We get started with Kelly & Christy accusing Starr of throwing Christy’s sports bra off a balcony ledge at the pit stop. Starr denied it and Nick had a talk with Kelly & Christy assuring them his sister wouldn’t do such a thing. There was no footage of this, so I’m assuming Starr was telling the truth. Funny, though.

Some observations from the teams interviews prior to leaving on their first leg of this race:

  • What the heck is up with Tina’s shirt? It’s all entirely too tight with some weird strappy action criss-crossing in all the wrong places. Just strange and totally off-putting.
  • Sarah has finally realized this is a race… against actual other teams. And I’ve suddenly realized she is a mad gum-chewing cross between Molly Shannon and Julia Louis Dreyfuss. Am I right?
  • Andrew thinks he’s sexy with a great body. Interesting.
  • Aja & Ty have surprised me so far with their relationship. I thought they would be hating on each other long before now as the strain of being together 24/7 wore through their long-distance relationship bliss.

All the teams start tonight on level playing ground. Their flights were at similar times, putting them all at the next station to wait for newspapers to be delivered. The papers get dropped off and the teams resemble a flock of pigeons fighting for peanuts as they each grab their paper to find the next clue.

The clue tells teams to make their way to a hat shop and to hold onto their hats. We’re shown footage of Kelly & Christy reading that last important line and I wonder if it’s foreshadowing. These two botched their clue reading pretty bad last week – surely they learned their lesson? Apparently this wasn’t a huge deal (or all the teams simply got it right) because there was no further mention of the hats as they arrived at later stops along the race.

After arriving at the hat shop and choosing a hat, the next clue informed teams that a Detour and U-Turn was up ahead. If a team is U-Turned, after completing the initial Detour task, they must go back and do the other one before moving on. Harsh! Much worse than a Yield where they are stopped for 1/2 an hour. In this Detour, teams chose between riding some wooden bikes or leading a marching band through the city.

Along the way to the Detour, we learn that Terence & Sarah and Mark & Bill both didn’t fully read their clue which specifically stated they must walk to their next destination. Both teams took a taxi. Terence & Sarah realized their mistake midway through the ride and turned around. Mark & Bill, regrettably, did not.

Arriving at the Detour first, Mark & Bill chose the bikes and headed out after donning some pretty ridiculous gear consisting of lots of feathers. I feared for their lives as their bikes raced downhill towards traffic, picturing both of them as roadkill – their feathers splayed and stuck to the ground. Surprisingly, neither of them crashed.

The same can not be said of Kelly & Christy, however. Christy crashed her bike twice – the second time smacking her head and hand right into a cement wall. Ouch! I was surprised she wasn’t more seriously injured and was able to continue on with racing.

All of the teams except for Pink Velour Tracksuit and Andrew & Dan chose the bikes. Aja discovered first-hand that Ty is ultra-competitive. He must be a great coach, too, because he had her chanting, “I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul,” to finish up the bike race she claimed she couldn’t. Another interesting thing happened on their bike ride as Nick & Starr breezed past them, they asked Aja & Ty to U-Turn Kelly & Christy. Why would Aja & Ty do such a knucklehead move? Why would Nick & Starr think anyone would do their dirty work for them? I really don’t like them.

The teams all head to the next station which turns out to be a Roadblock. This Roadblock is particularly awesome because everyone has to get into a costume and wrestle a “Fighting Cholita”. Ken & Tina arrive first and Ken decides he will be the fighter. Each team member who does the Roadblock first has to attend a training session where they learn a routine which consists of 6 wrestling moves. Once they’re satisfied they know the routine, they enter the ring and give it their best shot. If they mess up a move, they have to go back to training and re-try.

Ken comes out in his costume and I am giggling right along with Tina. I’m also left wondering why Tina is so desperate to keep this guy. That costume was hardly filled out at all if you know what I mean. Despite lacking in the package department, Ken did a great job and he and Tina were off to the pit stop. They grow on me more and more each week after really not liking them much at all in the beginning.

Despite some car issues with Aja & Ty and Terence & Sarah stopping for a flag they thought was a marker for the fight – but wasn’t – the rest of the teams all filed into the wrestling area in close proximity of each other. Mark decides to be the wrestler for their team and to say his looks in the costume were unfortunate would be an understatement. Even worse, though, was his performance. It took him three tries before he finally finished the task, putting them in 7th place heading to the pit stop.

Marisa – of Team Pink Velour Tracksuit – dons the costume for her team and I’m a bit surprised about how she looks in it. A hard body she is not. [Catty!] She also has trouble completing the task right on the first try, but finishes it before Mark and leaves the arena in 6th place.

Next up was Dallas, leaving his mom to be his cheerleader. How funny – we’ve got two Dallas Cheerleaders on the show this time. I’ll be here all night, folks. Dallas looked hella good in his costume and whipped out the routine like he’s been doing it all his life.

At this point, it’s a flurry of activity of people entering and leaving the ropes. Sarah takes two attempts to get it right. Mark takes oxygen. Dan, Nick, Kelly, and Ty all complete the task right on their first attempt. Dan was either in a hurry to get out of there or he really liked his costume because he still had it on in the taxi on the way to the pit stop. Love!

Not surprisingly, Ken & Tina make it to the pit stop first – winning a week-long vacation to Mexico. I hope they stay together long enough to enjoy the trip. The other teams fall in not long behind with Mark & Bill coming in 8th and Kelly & Christy bringing up the rear in last place.

Mark & Bill incur a time penalty, though, for not reading the clue correctly and they get eliminated. Bummer. I really liked them. And what a sense of irony it is that they lost due to not reading the clue properly when the last team to arrive before them was Kelly & Christy – who really should have been eliminated last week for their mistakes.

While I’m disappointed that Mark & Bill were eliminated, I’m glad that another team where it’s hard to know who is who is gone. I spend each episode wondering, “Is that Mark? Or is it Bill? Which one is that – Kelly or Christy? Marisa or Brooke? Andrew or Dan?” I think I’ve got Kelly (brunette) & Christy (redhead) and Andrew (redhead) and Dan (dark haired) figured out. I don’t know that I’ll ever sort out Marisa & Brooke. Let’s hope I don’t have to for much longer.

Next week Aja & Ty finally succumb to the pressure of being in close quarters for so long and Starr – breaks.her.arm. ??? Delicious! Er, I mean, wow. That’s awful.

Until then!

October 12, 2008 I Written By

This Time We’re Going to Read.The.Clue

Just a brief recap and some thoughts about the show this week:

I know everyone makes stupid mistakes, especially under pressure, but Kelly & Christy really took the cake last night. They mis-read the clue two times in a row! And forgot what they just read about the clue (tell the taxi to stay), causing them an even further delay. They were extremely lucky they didn’t get eliminated.

Sarah needs to break up with Terence the second they get done the race. And Terence needs to get years and years of therapy before thinking about engaging in another relationship. This man is toxic! On the bright side, at least he allowed Kelly & Christy to get one thing right – they both thought Sarah shouldn’t be putting up with his crap.

I’m really hating…

– Nick. First his snotty comment to Starr when she was cheering him on and then the underhanded way he left Andrew at the wall rubbed me the wrong way.

– Team Hot Pink Velour Tracksuit. These girls are so dumb it’s not even comical – just downright painful to watch.

– Terence. I’m convinced Sarah is a saint.

I’m really enjoying…

– the classiness of the mother and son team – Toni & Dallas

– the honesty and self-awareness of the geeks – Mark & Bill

– the edit Team Hot Pink Velour Tracksuit is getting. Their stupidity is grating on the producer’s nerves, too, and it’s apparent!

Tina & Ken ran a good race last night and we didn’t have to hear about her Tammy Wynette-ness, but there’s still something about her that irks me. I can’t decide if the eyebrows or the never-ending stream of chatter that spews forth from her mouth is worse. And I’m scratching my head over the fact that Ken chose to stay with her as opposed to the other woman. Scared to think what she was like!

Aja & Ty are still in my neutral zone. I don’t have strong feelings one way or the other about them.

And Anthony & Stephanie will hardly be missed. They deserved to go home after nary an exertion from the pair of them.

Here’s the order the teams finished:

1 – Ken & Tina
2 – Mark & Bill
3 – Terence & Sarah
4 – Aja & Ty
5 – Toni & Dallas
6 – Nick & Starr
7 – Kelly & Christy
8 – Andrews & Dan
9 – Marisa & Brooke
10 – Anthony & Stephanie (eliminated)

Next week I predict the Blonde Bimbos will be going home.

October 7, 2008 I Written By

The Amazing Race – Episode One Thoughts

I neglected to take into account that I would be away the first two weekends The Amazing Race aired – so there won’t be a full recap this week and we’ll see how my schedule goes next. After that, though, I’ll be in full swing posting my every thought about each episode.

For the most part I was underwhelmed with the first episode. Maybe because my favorite team going into the race was eliminated on the first leg? Good thing I didn’t bet any money on my picks.

So the teams all headed out to Salvador, Brazil after departing from the Los Angeles Coliseum. There were a few blunders made by some teams early on at the airport, but nothing that ended up costing anyone too much in the end. Since the teams had to stay over night, any time lost was basically made up the following day even though their daytime departures were spread out 45 minutes.

Here’s an update on my overall impressions of the teams after the first episode. I’m listing them in the order they finished, so don’t scroll all the way down if you don’t want to know who was eliminated!

Nick & Starr: This brother/sister duo were not high on my list going in, but they surprised me. I actually liked them! They seemed to get along great. The way they interact reminds me a bit of my twin brother and I, except we’re more silly. At any rate, their relationship is about 1,000 times better than the brother/sister team from last season, Azaria & Hendekea.

Ken & Tina: Hey, did you guys know that Ken cheated on Tina? If Tina would have mentioned that one more time, I would have screamed. I’ve got such an issue with people who air their dirty laundry in public, but obviously it makes for good television. My prediction about the fate of their realtionship remains the same as it was before I ever saw them: it’s doomed.

Terence & Sarah: Here’s another team that I read wrong. Actually, I guess it’s just one half of the team since Sarah seems to be okay. I particularly loved her fluent Portuguese speaking. Girlfriend was flying through those words on the clue cards which made it quite amusing when everyone else stumbled over them. Terence, though. Wow. What was the deal with him asking Sarah to slow down? I thought he coached marathon runners. Maybe coaching means he sits on the sidelines and instructs them via  bullhorn.

Mark & Bill: These two seemed relatively okay. They performed well in all the tasks and weren’t annoying at all. I think we’ll be seeing them for some time to come. I especially loved how they were the only team to even attempt to contain their candy on those insane little carts as they cobbled through the crowded streets of Salvador. As I thought would happen, though, these guys were slowed down by the physical challenge of getting to the detour and then climbing down the cargo net. They didn’t do too bad, but Nick & Starr and Ken & Tina easily out performed them.

Kelly & Christy: The only thing we really learned about these two is that they had really bad marriages and even worse divorces. I’m sure we’ll get all the nitty-gritty, painful details as time goes on if they manage to stay in the race.

Toni & Dallas: I have to tell you – I’m impressed with the relationship of this mother and son team. I thought for sure we’d have a replay of seasons past where the parent had no concept whatsoever that their adult child was an actual, er, adult. Toni seems to have a good handle on the fact that her son is a grown man and they seem to get along splendidly. Refreshing. Let’s hope they keep it up!

Andrew & Dan: I thought these guys would be funny. I was wrong. So wrong. The complaining. Oy!

Aja & Ty: We didn’t learn a whole lot about these two so far. They must not have a lot of idiosyncrasies.

Anthony & Stephanie: Here’s what we know – Stephanie really wants a ring. Anthony really looks uncomfortable when she talks about the future and taking their relationship to the next level. Can not wait to see these two completely break down on national television.

Marisa & Brooke: Ahh, good old Team Hot Pink Velour Tracksuits. They did not disappoint nor surprise. What else needs to be said except they came in next to last, so we might not be seeing a whole lot of them for much longer. Too bad, so sad.

Anita & Arthur: Team Hippie Grandparents, what happened?? I had such high hopes for you. Yet you never once looked like you even knew you were on a race. Maybe it was all that hair weighing you both down. I have to admit I’m a bit relieved that I won’t be seeing that on my television screen any longer. Scary.

So next week we get to see Terence & Sarah start hating on Ken & Tina and Nick & Starr, who have formed an alliance. Good times. Can’t wait!

September 30, 2008 I Written By