Hell’s Kitchen Episode 12 Quick Hits and Video

Hey all sorry I missed last week’s double dose of Chef Ramsay but I’ve been crazed with schoolwork these last few weeks. I did find the time to watch Hell’s Kitchen’s last two episodes and here are some quick thoughts before we get into last night’s show:

-Not surprised at all Sabrina went home in the first hour. She’s been inconsistent for a while now and really should have stepped up more with the menu. I agreed with Tennille’s assessment that Sabrina should not have criticized all of Tennille’s ideas without having any of her own.

-I’m getting more and more impressed with Dave each week. In the first hour he pushes on despite re-injuring his arm, and in the second hour he wins the challenge and helps Ariel when she falls behind. I’m starting to think he could take this whole thing. At first I thought he was too laid back to win but he’s been strong every week and looks to be a safe bet for the final three.

-On the women’s side, I cannot believe how much Ariel blew it in the second hour. Accidentally leaving a burner on (which resulted in the burnt lettuce that made Chef walk out on the kitchen) is one thing, but she served raw food the previous hour and then fell behind after Chef walked out. She really seems to be cracking under the pressure just as Tennille is stepping up to be a strong leader in the kitchen. I’m starting to think Tennille may be the last girl standing instead of Ariel. It pains me to say this since I can barely listen to Tennille’s confessionals without wanting to stick pencils in my ears, but she has come on strong these past few weeks and led the squad when Chef walked out. I don’t think Ariel could have done that, and while she blamed Tennille for not helping her when she fell behind, it was to some extent Ariel’s fault that she fell behind in the first place.

-AND Chef told Tennille it was the best he’s ever seen anyone cook meat. Now that’s a compliment. The more I think about it the more I think the three left standing at the end of service last week will be the final three. Originally I had Ariel in there instead of Tennille but I’m starting to change my mind.

-I did admire Ariel agreeing that she should be on the chopping block in hour two. It really could have gone either way between those three. I was quite surprised they did not put up Van since I thought he had the worst service of the three. Suzanne’s refusal to plate did anger me though, and if I were Chef I would have cut her right there (though of course he wasn’t around to hear her say that). As for Ariel, she was worse than Suzanne I thought, at least this one night.

-I was also surprised Chef was so annoyed to see Ariel put on the chopping block, especially since she was the reason he walked out of service.

-For a split second I thought he actually might get rid of Ariel, but I agreed with his choice to send Van out the door. He has struggled with fish the entire time, which is supposed to be his specialty, and Suzanne’s issues seem to be more with timing and people skills than with actual cooking.

Now on to Episode 12:

-Just when I’m starting to like Dave he gets mad at Tennille for changing her mind at the elimination last week. He is correct in saying she claimed she was going to send Ariel up and then voted for Van (as the cameras remind us) but he WAY overreacted to this. Chef probably would have sent Van home anyway even if the other three had not specifically nominated him- he’s done that before.

-Kevin is still his usual smug self though, claiming he likes seeing others self-destruct even though he has gotten into an argument or two throughout this competition as well.

-Ariel does seem to be the nicest of the group, comforting Suzanne after her close call on the chopping block. I think I am still rooting for her over Dave, but I’m just worried her performance last week might come back to haunt her.

-Is presentation really so important that it is the main focus of the first individual challenge??? Though getting other foodies to judge the contestants is a smart idea. But still a contestant can create a visually stunning dish that tastes like crap and still get second place. Or it could taste wonderful and not even make the top 2.

-Wow Dave is really in a bad mood this episode (or at least shown to be via editing). Now he argues Suzanne’s salad is not difficult enough of a dish for foodie editors. He may be right but he didn’t have to say it, even in a confessional.

-Yay Tennille’s fish broke!! That means she’s probably not going to win. My early bet is on Ariel- she mentioned how she needed a nice pick-me-up after the last two weeks and a challenge win would do just that.

-Based on presentation I would send Ariel and Suzanne to the final round. Dave’s looked good also but he FORGOT WHAT HE MADE. Wow he has had some really bad moments on challenges- that could also be his downfall in a pretty open competition.
I don’t know what was worse- this or the “fig” debacle. Or the dish he made that looked liked dogfood.

-Shows what I know about presentation- Suzanne gets fourth (with Tennille getting last, obviously) while Kevin is first. Kevin’s was good looking also I guess but didn’t look as appetizing to me as the others. At least Ariel got second in the looks portion of the competition- Dave’s failure to know what he made probably cost him second place.

-Kevin of course uses this opportunity to brag about how great he is. But once it comes down to tasting he is more subdued. Does he actually think he’ll get beaten? I never thought I’d see the day where Kevin doubts his own abilities. He had been tolerable the past couple weeks but already I want to punch him and it’s only the first 10 minutes of the episode.

-Both dishes are good, so of course they go to commercial before revealing who wins the challenge. I really hope it’s Ariel. Not only because she’s my favorite but because I can’t stand another minute of Kevin gloating.

-So they both won- that was anticlimactic. Well at least Ariel didn’t lose, even if she has to share the win with Kevin.

-That’s a great reward they got- having the recipes published in a magazine. That’s almost like what the winner of Top Chef gets.

-Haha the rest of the contestants have to clean the streets as a punishment. Not as gross as prior punishments but it reminds me of what prisoners have to do after being freed- appropriate since the three are “prisoners” of Hell’s Kitchen.

-Dave STILL has a grudge against Tennille. Give it a rest already! I’m really starting to get annoyed with him.

-Tennille just made the prisoner reference that I made two posts above. I’d say great minds think alike but I don’t think she qualifies haha. At least she learned she will never commit a crime because the judge might make her pick up trash (the horror!!!)

-For the first time all season I hope Dave’s wrist does force him to withdraw from the show. And AGAIN the challenge further injures it. Can’t he get an exemption from the challenges that require difficult arm work?

-Of course Kevin tries to convince Dave to quit- at least he admits his motives in the confessional and doesn’t pretend to be truly concerned for Dave’s well-being.

-I’m surprised Dave’s wrist is preventing him from helping with prep- it’s never stopped him before.

-Is Chef allowed to use the incredibly overplayed “Yes We Can” phrase if he’s not actually from America?? Just wondering.

-So Dave, Tennille, and Suzanne must work together on appetizers. Oh yeah this is definitely going to go badly. I wonder if Chef purposely assigns the chefs who hate each other to work together.

-I do admire Dave for agreeing not to bring his conflict with Tennille into the kitchen (for now).

-First mistake of the night goes to Tennille, who forgets to tell Suzanne when to drop the scallops for the first appetizer. At least she goes over to help her while Dave watches her food.

-These guys can barely complete one appetizer and are expected to do several orders at once?? Maybe Chef should have waited until next week to up the stakes.

-And now we have Ariel v. Tennille round 2. Earlier this season Tennille went against Ariel’s view that a dish was done improperly and it turns out Tennille was right. Now Ariel warns Tennille that her risotto is overdone, but Tennille again ignores her. But this time indeed Ariel is right. Chef doesn’t get too mad though- he must have more patience for these contestants since they have been strong in the past.

-And now Suzanne burns her scallops. At least the two I don’t like are the two failing the most so far.

-Tennille’s SECOND risotto is mushy too. But wait, it’s not Tennille’s fault, it’s the fault of the person who made the risotto- Kevin!! Wow all we need now is for Dave to mess up and everyone I don’t like will be in Chef’s doghouse.

-Dave blames Tennille for not noticing the rice was bad. While I guess that is true to some extent when you are busy cooking a bunch of dishes like she was you probably don’t have time to notice those things.

-Both do take responsibility for their failures, which I would admire if they did not already annoy me so much.

-Chef is being REALLY hard on Kevin for the rice. Probably because he expects so much from him. As we go to break Chef tastes another risotto and calls the two over. I’m guessing he’s just going to say it is brilliant and ask why they couldn’t do that before. And indeed I was right- I know this show too well.

-Nooo Ariel messes up too- this time serving pink chicken. Kevin is critical of her in confessional yet he’s the one who can’t even cook rice correctly. I don’t know much about cooking but I think rice is easier to cook than meat.

-Now it’s Suzanne’s turn to mess up, sending up undercooked fish. Again, Kevin calls her out, and again I say YOU COULDN’T EVEN COOK RICE CORRECTLY!!!

-Another pet peeve of mine is the restaurant goers complaining about their food taking forever to get to the table. YOU AGREED TO GO TO A RESTAURANT WITH REALITY SHOW CONTESTANTS AS CHEFS. YOU KNOW THE FOOD IS PROBABLY GOING TO BE BAD OR SLOW. SO STOP COMPLAINING. Okay rant over.

– I can’t believe Ariel messed up on the lamb again, this time sending out pieces barely hanging on the bone. And I can’t believe Chef yelled at her in front of the entire dining room. Great the episode where I like her the most she’ll probably go home.

-So the contestants did finish service, but it certainly did not go smoothly. Everyone messed up except for Dave. Ariel for sure should go up for elimination, and as much as I like her she probably should go home based on this service. Kevin screwed everyone over with the rice but has been solid to this point. Tennille’s mistakes were more Kevin’s fault, and Suzanne only had that one bad fish as far as we saw.

-If the other contestants were smart they would put Kevin up for elimination since he’s the biggest threat.

-It sounds like Suzanne didn’t have much cooking to do since no one ordered fish. Well then it’s kind of hard to send her home if she didn’t do anything.

-Suzanne talks about how her performance was “beautiful”, but as Kevin points out, she did serve that raw fish. He also is correct in saying she is the most inconsistent.

-Figures they can’t agree on who to put up for elimination since they couldn’t communicate all night.

-First nominee is Ariel. No surprise there. Now it gets interesting… And of course we go to commercial right before we hear who nominee number two is.

-Suzanne is nominee number two. Oh yeah I forgot about the scallops she served that were overcooked. So she made as many mistakes as Ariel that were shown, and she has been worse than Ariel over time so hopefully that means Suzanne will be sent home. And, as Kevin correctly points out (dang he is being correct too often late in this episode) she even thought her performance was good. Ariel did not seem at all surprised that she was being put up for elimination and seemed to accept it, unlike Suzanne. I know on Top Chef contestants who don’t think their bad food is bad are usually sent home, so hopefully that will be the case here.

-It’s Suzanne’s FOURTH time on the chopping block- though I wonder how much of that is because her teammates hated her. But then they hate her because she lacks the people skills needed to be a good head chef.

-This really could go either way. Chef thinks both should go. But thank goodness Suzanne is finally sent packing. As he points out, he gave her many chances and she didn’t taken advantage of them.

-Next week though should be quite interesting between Tennille and Ariel. At first I thought Ariel was a lock for the final three but Tennille’s stock is rising as Ariel’s is falling. I still think barring something shocking Dave and Kevin will be in the final three.

-At least Suzanne has learned from her mistakes and realizes she must work on how she deals with other people.

-Wow Chef told Tennille she could have been on the chopping block too. But I still say the risotto disaster was more Kevin’s fault than hers.

-Next week Dave reinjures his wrist AGAIN, the contestants still all hate each other, and there are two “shocking” surprises- including unfinished business with someone on a telephone. Hmmm he already brought Robert back- is it Ji?? Julia from a few seasons back (who Chef said was not yet ready and sent to cooking school after she was eliminated in the top four)?

Thought’s on this week’s show. Are you no longer on the Dave bandwagon? Do you think Ariel can beat out Tennille for the third spot in the top 3? Post your comments below.

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Hell’s Kitchen Episode 8 Quick Hits and Video

Hey all just to warn you my computer has been a bit weird lately when I type so there might be some odd spacing and/or random letters in the middle of words that I don’t catch before I post this.

-Why are the men so annoyed Robert is gone? They seemed like they wanted to shove him out the door the last two episodes.

-Unlike Andy, the object of the men’s hatred, Suzanne actually can cook, so while she may be annoying and bossy, she’ll be around a while…

-Yay the taste test! Chef’s favorite challenge and one of mine as well.

-Andy says he can taste things no one else can- why do I have a feeling that statement will come back to haunt him in this challenge??

-Interesting Chef chose Tennille to sit out- I guess that means he’s been impressed with her these last few episodes (as have I). Suzanne is her usual cocky self of course.

-Good early matchup with Ariel and Van. I hope Ariel does well…

-Surprised Ariel missed the venison since she worked at a steakhouse. But at least she was close in saying roast beef. Tuna, Van??? Really??

-Van was allowed to change his answer on the last food. That doesn’t really seem fair to me but at least the women are still in the lead.

-Dave v. Suzanne- another good matchup.

-Can’t blame the two for not getting qunice, even if they work with it every day. I’ve never even heard of it!

-That egg yolk looked disgusting…

-I’m worried about Dave after that poor showing in the challenge. At least he seems to be really upset by how badly he did. He even gives himself an F!

-Kevin v. Sabrina- Chef does seem to be matching up the strongest cooks together, though I think Kevin may win this matchup.

-Maybe not. His spinach answer for clams is even worse than Van’s tuna answer before. And Kevin is a seafood guy too! At least Sabrina was in the fish family with her response.

-I think Chef put Andy and Amanda together because they are both on the bottom of their respective teams. She probably is the weakest on the red but not by as much as Andy is the weakest on the blue.

-Andy will either do really well or really badly.

-Wow Andy got lychee, another food I have never heard of. He may have some skills after all. Good for him if he wins the challenge for his team, but I hope he doesn’t because that would mean Amanda is in trouble.

-Glad to see Andy misses the next one. So much for his comeback. Now the best the men can hope for is a tie.

-Aaaand Andy fails! If he doesn’t go home this episode I’ll be amazed. And Amanda is the semi-hero for her team. Sure she only got one right, but that’s all she needed to. Maybe her team will finally see that she is competent after all.

-Andy is correct when he says no one else on his team did well either. But of course Andy is going to unfairly become the scapegoat since he was the last one up there and missed a relatively easy food with ahi tuna (of course he also got the really hard lychee, but I’m willing to be he won’t get any props for that).

-Ouch the men have to make sorbet by hand. That doesn’t sound fun. And sorting berries- ew!

-Van should really stop complaining considering he only got two right at the challenge. Then again that was a good number considering how bad everyone else did.

-The red team gets to dine in the dark. That’s kind of cool I guess, though I wonder how they’ll be able to see where the food is on their plate.

-Ew that men’s lunch looks gross. Duck in a blender?? I would totally throw up if I had to eat that.

-Chef makes a good point about how eating in the dark helps develop a palette. NOW the reward makes sense!

-I didn’t think Suzanne was sucking up to Chef by asking him about latest culinary trends. I thought she was just using this time with him to ask for advice. I usually don’t defend her but in this case I will.

– The red team is taking it a bit too far with the anti-Suzanne team. I get that she is a know-it-all but shunning her will just make things worse. The men learned that last week with Robert.

-The way things are going either Suzanne or Andy will likely be going home tonight depending on which team loses.

-Ariel gets to do the sorbet for the women. I guess that means Chef trusts her, which is good of course.

-Wow Tennille is being a surprisingly good leader on appetizers, NICELY telling Suzanne that the scallops are too dark. Miss I Am Always Right, of course, refuses to listen.

-But Suzanne was right about the scallops. That actually surprised me. Suzanne may be a poor leader but can actually cook, while the reverse is true of Tennille I guess.

-Kevin takes charge for the men on the first sorbet. I bet Chef likes that kind of thing. I’m not rooting for him but he is my early pick to win.

-Van falls apart on appetizers as Kevin leaves to do the sorbets. I guess the blue team does rely a bit too much on Kevin. It will be interesting to see if everyone else struggles too when he’s not in there.

-TENNILLE says her teammates have too big an ego??? That’s a pot calling kettle black if I’ve ever heard one.

-Chef isn’t too hard on Amanda when she first messes up- I guess (hope) that means he likes her potential.

-So two of the weakest chefs (Amanda and Andy) are on garnish tonight. Hopefully this will show Chef that Andy is worse than Amanda.

-Indeed the kitchen is lost without Kevin. I’m almost sure he will make the finals, likely against Ariel or Dave.

-Sabrina and Suzanne must work together?? This isn’t going to end well.

-If lamb does cook slower than fish like Sabrina says (which I think it does) then Suzanne should have waited to cook her fish obviously. Though Sabrina also could have reminded Suzanne of this so there is fault on both sides.

-Sabrina though gets all the blame for sending out raw lamb when clearly Suzanne was rushing her. Chef should have talked to both about working together more rather than only yelling at Sabrina.

-Can Sabrina get sick from eating that raw lamb?? I guess not but still Chef way overreacted to a situation that was not all Sabrina’s fault.

-Looking at that lamb, I don’t even think it is that undercooked.

-Glad to see Tennille stand up to Suzanne when Suzanne tried to rush her as well. Sabrina could have done the same, which is why she is PARTIALLY (but not fully) to blame for the undercooked lamb.

-The lamb Tennille sent out looks just like the one Sabrina sent out.

-Tennille might make it to singles at this rate…

-Chef tells Sabrina if the lamb isn’t good enough for her it shouldn’t be sent out to the customers at all. Then why did Chef let it be sent in the first place??? He should have realized it was undercooked before he served it, shouldn’t he?

-If the blue team had run out of potatoes, I don’t think it really would have been Andy’s fault, unless he was the one who prepped them.

-Why is Chef getting mad at Tennille at the end for taking charge in the kitchen? I thought he liked that in a chef.

-At least Suzanne messes up at the end with the fish and gets yelled at by Chef. She deserves it after messing up with Sabrina earlier but not getting blamed for it.

-I still don’t get why Andy running out of potatoes is his fault. But shouldn’t he have been the one to make more instead of Dave? But props to Dave for stepping up and doing so.

-Similarly, shouldn’t Suzanne have cooked her own fish instead of handing it off to Amanda? Sure Chef should have blamed Amanda more for the undercooked fish but I still don’t get why Suzanne couldn’t have just done it herself.

-Amanda is mad at Suzanne for ratting her out, but Amanda was the one who undercooked the fish, not Suzanne, so Suzanne had every right to do that.

-10 minutes left- I guess the kitchen will be shut down pretty soon.

-I do agree with Chef that Suzanne should have checked Amanda’s fish before serving it. But still I blame Amanda more than Suzanne for the second fish disaster.

-Andy does seem to be moving reallly slowly, and he has shown his incompetence in prior weeks. Plus he was a poor leader on the garnish station earlier. I would send him home but I have a feeling the red team might lose tonight.

-Indeed I was correct. It honestly could have gone either way, but I was hoping the red team would win so Andy could finally be sent home.

-Yay for Dave for getting more props from Chef! I’m surprised Kevin didn’t get a shout out too since he showed how great of a leader he was.

-As for the women, you figure Suzanne for sure will be put up for elimination. It is really close between Amanda and Sabrina for the other slot but since Amanda messed up more I would put her up. Especially since I think Sabrina got too much blame for undercooking the lamb. But considering Suzanne’s overall bad attitude and lack of communication on the fish station, plus that last disaster at the end, I would send her home.

-Then again Chef may shock us all and just send Andy home anyway.

-Tennille gets best of the worst, and deservedly so. Wow I can’t believe I just wrote that but it’s true. As Chef said it was her best service yet. Too bad she is obnoxious or I would be rooting for her.

-I do think the team ganged up too much on Suzanne during their deliberations. The whole part about her saying to Chef that she was ready with her food didn’t really seem like throwing the rest of her team under the bus, and neither did her telling Chef that Amanda cooked that last fish that went wrong. She did however screw over the team by not knowing the timing of cooking her fish, so I think she should go home more for that than for throwing her teammates under the bus.

-Totally agree with Tennille- definitely put Suzanne up for elimination, but then it’s close between Sabrina and Amanda. Since there is so little time left though I’m thinking it will be a quick decision, which likely means either Suzanne or Andy are out.

-Wow I’m surprised Tennille put up Sabrina when Amanda was worse tonight. Sabrina had that one mistake with the lamb but that wasn’t her fault, while Amanda sent up that small portion and messed up on that last lamb.

-Of course Amanda is asked to come forward anyway. I figured that was coming.

-Okay NOW Suzanne is throwing her team under the bus by saying they are only putting her up there out of spite. She could at least admit she made some mistakes tonight and that that is why she is really up there.

-Wow now the whole team is throwing HER under the bus. Though if the whole team thinks Suzanne was holding up Sabrina then it is probably true. Even if that is not the case it is pretty clear the red team can’t work with Suzanne so she either has to go home or be sent to the blue team.

-I can’t even type right now I am so shocked. I though Amanda might get sent home when Chef asked her if she could win (which she probably can’t) but still Suzanne was so bad and is so hated by her team I don’t understand why he kept her around. I’m sure conspiracy theorists will have a field day proposing that he kept Suzanne around for the drama.

-Seriously now even Andy was worse than Amanda tonight. Sure she wasn’t going to win but she could have lasted a few more weeks. She had a much better attitude than Suzanne and their cooking has been about even the past few weeks, with Suzanne being worse tonight.

-At least Chef was nice to Amanda in his voiceover about her, calling her a sweet girl.

-Well at least next week’s promo got me in a better mood. All the chefs get kicked out of the kitchen and yet ANOTHER blue team injury (they really are dropping like flies aren’t they?)

So what are your thoughts on this week’s show? Do you think Suzanne should have gone home? Or do you agree with Chef’s decision? Post your comments below.

Check out the full episode 8 video below:

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