Charm School: Rock of Love Girls -Sneak Peak

I am looking forward to a second season of Charm School, especially with Sharon Osbourne as headmistress. Sharon has had to handle a crazy rocker of a husband, raise her kids on the road and battle cancer. But is she ready for the catty women of Rock of Love 1 & 2?

In case you are not familiar with how Charm School works, here’s some background info from the press release:

Breakout stars from both seasons of Rock of Love will come together under one roof to learn and grow in areas of etiquette, fashion, manners, and moderation. They will be refined in hopes to graduate Charm School as sophisticated and polite ladies. And who better to push these girls down the road to renewal and re-discovery than Sharon Osbourne. As Headmistress of Charm School, Sharon will attempt to strip the girls of their former rebellious and wild ways. And with some help from experts, hopefully transform the girls into fully rockin’ ladies.

The contestants will focus on one lesson a week followed by a demanding test. Whoever doesn’t measure up to the challenges of Charm School will be expelled. In the end, the last one standing will be rewarded with $100,000 to put towards her new and improved life.

Here’s a sneak peak from the premiere episode of Charm School: Rock of Love Girls, which premieres Oct. 12 on VH1. In this opening scene, we catch the girls aboard the bus on the way to the academy. We’re reminded of their previous indiscretions and, per headmistress Sharon Osbourne’s narration, given a glimpse of what to expect from this series.

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I Love Money: Brandi C.

Brandi C., who was eliminated this Sunday from I Love Money, took a few minutes to sit with vh1’s blogger for an interview.

Why were you so upset as your final episode went on? Were you just wasted or what?

No! I don’t think you guys can see how crazy it was that day. Even the food fight doesn’t look as intense as it was being in it. After I realized Hoopz was Paymaster, I had a feeling I’d be targeted just because I would be the easiest person to get rid of without pissing anyone else off. But Pumkin and Toasteee turned on Megan and me that day. We were doomed. After being their for a month and fight for a month to stay, all this s*** went to hell in 30 seconds. It was so intense and shocking.

You offered yourself up to save Megan, but were you aware that there would be another elimination following your forfeit?

Once I figured that I was just kind of screwed, I told the producers I wanted to quit. “I can’t do this anymore. My mental capacity can’t take anymore. It’s just too hard.” They told me that if I did quit, they’d have to put a third person in the box. Since I trusted Hoopz’s word, it was my only chance to screw over the girls that screwed us over. But coming to the end of that competition, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to beat Hoopz or Whiteboy. It’s not that I wasn’t a threat. I guess I am weaker than Hoopz or Whiteboy or Real, but at the same time, I was a threat to those who went before me.

On her myspace blog, Brandi C. offered this to her fans.

And don’t be sad that I’m not on I Love Money anymore because actually… I am 🙂 After this next episode 11 there is a clip show. Then there is the finale, and right after that there will be the reunion. We have to go film it next week, I’m really excited. I think the only person I’m not excited to see is Pumkin, but it will be nice to see everyone else.

Look for Brandi C. and Megan’s photoshoot with Justin Borucki in the November issue of GUITAR WORLD magazine. They will also be on Charm School:Rock of Love Girls with Sharon Osbourne premiering Sunday, Oct. 12 at 9/8c.

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