Gossip Girl Script Leaked

I must admit that I don’t usually write about Gossip Girl (although I’d love to find someone else to write about it), but I’m always interested when a popular show like Gossip Girl has a script leaked after reading about the way JJ Abrams is keeping the Fringe script secret. Thanks to Gawker Media for posting scans of the leaked script. Here’s the basic gist of what was found in the script:

And what do the selected pages reveal? Mostly the tortured (and torturous) relationship between sad young literary man Brooklyn Dan and his crusty old mentor, Noah Shapiro. Amusingly, the Shapiro character is introduced by Jay McInerney, in a cameo role, who was once a sad young New York literary fellow himself. His 1984 novel Bright Lights, Big City was a smash hit about “you” (the novel was written entirely in the second person) young ambitious writerly types in the big bad city. It’s all come full circle!

Looks like this excerpt comes from the fifth episode of the second season of Gossip Girl.