I Love Money Finale-Congratulations Hoopz

Did you successfully predict the winner of I Love Money?

Those of you who voted on my ‘Vote the winner’ poll were right on the money. The poll predicted that it would be close between Whiteboy and Hoopz, with Hoopz winning. Megan finishing third and Real coming in fourth. Great job with the voting.

Hoopz Wins It All

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I Love Money: Season Finale Sneak Peek

Craig J. Jackson warns our final four money-lovers that this week’s challenge is going to get crazy!

Finale synopisis:

The four remaining players compete for the final paymaster position in the scariest, high-flying challenge yet. Set above the enormous cliffs of Huatulco, the finalists go all out while their hearts beat out of their chests.

Later, the house erupts as contestants make their final pleas to stay in the game. The paymaster faces the most difficult decision so far; one that will test the strongest alliance in the game and potentially end a friendship forever.

After an elimination ceremony, the final three must stand before a jury of their peers, a jury that will ultimately decide which two players will compete for the cash in the final challenge. Then, in an exciting, neck and neck race all throughout Mexico, the two finalists battle it out and lay everything on the line for a quarter of a million dollars.

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I Love Money-Episode 11 Recap

Last week was a crazy week on I Love Money and we were left with a cliffhanger that promised some juicy drama ahead. Unfortunantly, this week didn’t live up to the hype. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the show, it just moved slower than I expected.

What I learned from this week’s show:

A person’s word is only as good as the order in which it is given.

Men are just as irrational as women when they are in love.

Even family will manipulate you when $250,000 is on the line.

There is a fine line between friend and enemy when love is involved.

Denial is awkward to watch.

Whiteboy is very protective of his “package”.

Men will kiss anything that looks remotely like a woman. Should we feel sorry for that Mexican guy?

People are easy to manipulate.

Hoopz eliminated both Toastee and Pumkin.

Megan really is a cat with nine lives!

This week the Vh1 Blog had an awesome recap of the show including some great pictures. Check it out!

Next week we will see clips of scenes we have not seen before and then the following week we will have the finale.


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Vote the winner of I Love Money

Of the four remaining players, who do you want to see walk away with the $250,000?

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I Love Money Eliminations 7-11

As the first season of I Love Money is winding down, let’s take a minute to get caught up. Here is a video showing the main players that have been eliminated through this week. We are now down to four money lovers. Who will win it?

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ILM: Chance, Real and Whiteboy

I was checking out you-tube and came across a fan tribute video with lots of pictures of Chance, Real and Whiteboy.

Nothing comes between men quicker than money and women. Chance, Real and Whiteboy have been tight since the beginning of I Love Money. But with $250,000 close enough to grab and hearts on the line, trouble is brewing.

Let’s take a moment to remember the original Stallionaire Alliance.

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I Love Money: Brandi C.

Brandi C., who was eliminated this Sunday from I Love Money, took a few minutes to sit with vh1’s blogger for an interview.

Why were you so upset as your final episode went on? Were you just wasted or what?

No! I don’t think you guys can see how crazy it was that day. Even the food fight doesn’t look as intense as it was being in it. After I realized Hoopz was Paymaster, I had a feeling I’d be targeted just because I would be the easiest person to get rid of without pissing anyone else off. But Pumkin and Toasteee turned on Megan and me that day. We were doomed. After being their for a month and fight for a month to stay, all this s*** went to hell in 30 seconds. It was so intense and shocking.

You offered yourself up to save Megan, but were you aware that there would be another elimination following your forfeit?

Once I figured that I was just kind of screwed, I told the producers I wanted to quit. “I can’t do this anymore. My mental capacity can’t take anymore. It’s just too hard.” They told me that if I did quit, they’d have to put a third person in the box. Since I trusted Hoopz’s word, it was my only chance to screw over the girls that screwed us over. But coming to the end of that competition, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to beat Hoopz or Whiteboy. It’s not that I wasn’t a threat. I guess I am weaker than Hoopz or Whiteboy or Real, but at the same time, I was a threat to those who went before me.

On her myspace blog, Brandi C. offered this to her fans.

And don’t be sad that I’m not on I Love Money anymore because actually… I am 🙂 After this next episode 11 there is a clip show. Then there is the finale, and right after that there will be the reunion. We have to go film it next week, I’m really excited. I think the only person I’m not excited to see is Pumkin, but it will be nice to see everyone else.

Look for Brandi C. and Megan’s photoshoot with Justin Borucki in the November issue of GUITAR WORLD magazine. They will also be on Charm School:Rock of Love Girls with Sharon Osbourne premiering Sunday, Oct. 12 at 9/8c.

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I Love Money: Episode 11 Synopsis Preview

Preview for Episode 11:

When one player shockingly quits the show, the remaining money lovers must go back in the vault to vote someone else in the box. Yet another check is voided and now there are only five people left in the house. For the players, trying to keep their eyes on the prize becomes harder than they thought when they are faced with a grueling challenge; The Booze You Lose Challenge. The winner’s glory is short-lived, after a marriage proposal throws everything upside down and puts friendships on the line. One player searches for answers and a shocking discovery changes everything in the house. Secrets are revealed, relationships are broken and soon no one can be trusted.


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I Love Money: Episode 10 Recap

Tonight’s episode of I Love Money was crazy.

I am beginning to see why everyone seems so jealous these days. At the time this episode was filmed, the I Love Money cast had been in Mexico for ten days. Ten days and what do we see in this opening episode, Real and Hoopz waking up in bed together. Hoopz has not made a secret of having a boyfriend in real life but here she is snuggling with another man. Is ten days really that long to be without a man? Real looks like he’s in love and later gives Hoopz flowers for Valentines day.

The Pole Dance:

This week the challenge is a tribute to Rock of Love’s strippers. Contestants have to hang onto a stripper pole suspended over the water. The first one to fall will be automatically eliminated. Of course, the winner will become paymaster.

Surprisingly, The Entertainer hits the water in just over a minute. Guess it’s back to his parents basement.

The rest of the challenge continued to surprise me. Whiteboy, Pumkin and Real hit the water not too long after The Entertainer. I guess the guys on this show are ‘lovers not fighters’ because that was just sad. The final two left are Megan and Hoopz. The surprising part is that they, in particular Megan, hang on for 40 minutes. Hoopz offers Megan a deal and becomes the paymaster.

In the vault:

Whiteboy chooses to remain neutral and refuses to participate in the voting. So Real steps up and volunteers himself into the box saying he wants to have an official date with Hoopz. Majority vote puts Megan and Brandi C. in the box. The look on Megan’s face when Real votes her into the box is priceless. I guess she forgot the name of the show is ‘I Love Money’ not ‘I love Megan’.

Girl fight!

Brandi C. insults Pumkin, who goes psycho. Megan, who just happens to be doing an interview down in front of the house, hears Brandi C. and runs to her side. The house rule for any reality show is that if you hit someone you are booted from the show. So what is a girl to do? A crazy food drink fight ensues. No winner is declared but the Stallionaires give it a thumbs up for entertainment value.

The outing:

Megan and Brandi C. throw Pumkin and Toastee under the proverbial bus. They finally reveal their secret alliance to Hoopz, who is so shocked. When it’s time for one-on-one, the girls leave Real and Hoopz alone.

Crazy twist:

Hoopz receives a second shock. Real gets down on one knee, pulls out an engagement ring and proposes to Hoopz. Hoopz knew Real had a crush but this is awkward. Real tells her she has till the end of the day to give him an answer.

Back at the house, Hoopz tells Whiteboy and they both have a laugh. Real is not pleased.


Before Craig can finish his usual speel, Brandi C. steps forward and says she wants to quit. Apparently, Brandi C. wants to be on the ‘I Love Megan’ show. Craig voids her check.

Final twist of the show:

Craig announces that the paymasters job is to make a decision and there has to be three people up for elimination. So guess what? They have to go back to the vault and vote somebody else into the box.

To be continued….

Check out what you didn’t see on tv:

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Dave “12 Pack” Amerman to fight Survivors Billy Garcia


Dave “12 Pack” Amerman from VH1’s I Love New York & I Love Money is best known for his fantastic body, despite his love for smoking and excessive drinking. Even though he didn’t get the girl on I Love New York and he didn’t win the $250,000 on I Love Money, he’s not letting that slow him down. Next month he will be joining Reality Rumble II to help raise money for the Special Needs Students at Spotswood High School in Penn Laird, Virginia. This event will feature many reality stars and known professional wrestlers.

Reality Rumble seems like a really unique opportunity to chill with some cool people from all over the country. And of course I can’t wait to whoop some a#@ in the Main Event Tag Match.

Dave “12 Pack” Amerman

The event will be hosted by Reality Rumble, a non-profit organization that combines Reality TV and Pro Wrestling, two of the most consistently highly rated programming genres in all of television. Their goal is to provide good old fashioned entertainment and raise money for charity. The best part is that all of the superstars involved will be available for Autograph and Meet-and-Greet sessions throughout the afternoon! This is a chance to show your love for your favorite reality stars.

ALL PROCEEDS from Reality Rumble II will be donated to the Special Needs Classroom at Spotswood High School. These funds will be used to purchase Adapted Tricycles for physical therapy and other learning devices to help the students in the classroom as well as Field-Trips for the Students. How cool is that!

Reality Rumble’s first event was so successful that the founders say they have been inundated with offers to put on events all over the country. They are actively recruiting Reality Personalities from Big Brother, Hell’s Kitchen, Top Chef, and numerous other programs from MTV, VH1, CMT, NBC, Bravo and CBS! I’ll keep you posted on where these events will take place.

Reality Rumble II’s main event will pit a wrestling team lead by 12 Pack against a team lead by Billy Garcia – Survivor: Cook Islands, the current Reality Rumble TV Champion. 12 Pack may have a ripped body but Garcia has size and in ring experience.

Here’s a video highlighting Billy Garcia’s appearance at the first Reality Rumble in April, 2008.

“REALITY RUMBLE II” will take place on Sunday, October 5th at Spotswood High School Sports Center/Gymnasium, 368 Blazer Drive, Penn Laird, Virginia 22846. Doors open at 2:00 pm. Ticket Prices are Ringside: $20.00 General Admission: $10.00. This is a Family Event. ALL AGES ARE WELCOME.

For more information go to realityrumble

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