Lost Returns to ABC

I’ll admit that I haven’t gotten into Lost. My plan is to eventually get the DVD’s and watch all of Lost without having to wait for the next episode. Everyone I’ve talked to told me that the waits for Lost are killer.

Of course, considering its popularity, I think that most people are watching Lost and are excited for tomorrow’s Lost premiere. Today, I found this interesting mini Lost spoiler that talks about Lost filming in Honolulu

On the eve of the broadcast premiere of the first two episodes of Season 5, veteran “LOST” spotter Howard Hsu sent word of a location shoot in downtown Honolulu. They recreated, on a smaller scale, the Widmore Industries exterior seen in Episode 3×08, “Flashes Before Your Eyes.” The signs were back, as well as the mysteriously omnipresent green newsstand. Background extras, dressed up and dressed warmly, swarmed the breezeway, as Alan Dale (Charles Widmore) talked on the phone. Meanwhile, a second unit was filming near the Waikiki Yacht Club at Magic Island.

Maybe this isn’t as interesting to other people, but it’s interesting to me because I use to live on Oahu. The link above also has a list of places in Hawaii where they’re doing Lost premiere parties. Looks like a lot of fun.