Stars Earn Stripes on NBC

If you’re like me and have been glued to the TV watching the Olympics, you’ve probably seen all the commercials for Stars Earn Stripes. I’m still a little torn on whether it will make for a great TV show or not. I think I’d love to have the experience myself, but I’m not sure if I’ll enjoy watching other stars go through it.

Although, I do love watching prima donna’s get hammered. Reminds me of a story I once heard about Tom Cruise from one of the real fighter pilots. At the filming of Top Gun, Tom Cruise came up to the fighter pilot and said, “Would you like my autograph?” He replied to Tom Cruise, “Sorry I don’t take autographs from sissies.”

We’ll see how this new show goes. I don’t think any of the cast look like major prima donna’s, but we’ll see. I also love learning more about the military.

Here are some of the preview videos for Stars Earn Stripes. Read more..