Nick Spangler’s Broadway Career and Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Starr Spangler on TAR 13

We’ll be getting to know Nick Spangler and his sister Starr Spangler very well soon since TAR 13 isn’t far away. I think it’s always interesting to have a little background on each of the racers. Looks like both Nick and Starr Spangler are going to be plenty interesting. Take a look at what said about them:

Nick Spangler is a pretty nice guy. We had a chance to interview him backstage at The Fantasticks this week. Nick will soon be on CBS’s The Amazing Race with his sister Starr Spangler, a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader we might add.

The Amazing Race is quite popular these days. We hope that it gives Nick greater exposure for Broadway as we are all about someone living their dream. Nick wants to be cast in the hit musical Hair Spray. Will his competing in The Amazing Race help make that happen? Only time will tell.

A broadway kid and a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader. What an interesting combination. Sounds like drama just waiting to happen. Does it strike anyone else as weird that the former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader was named Starr? Well, at least she’ll be something nice to look at during the race:
Starr Spangler - Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader
Starr Spangler’s Picture as a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader