The Baby Borrowers: Don’t drop the baby!

This show was filmed last summer and was scheduled to air in Feb of this year. Because of the controversy around it, the producers chose not to air it. Since then we have been inundated with headlines about teen pregnancy and NBC executives must have decided it was worth the risk to air the show. I hope this show can open up discussions within families on important issues like teen pregnancy. Statistically, up to half of the teen pregnancies each year are planned. Hopefully, this show will give young teens a different perspective on what having a baby will mean for them.

Here’s a two minute recap if you missed the show..

Tom Shelly & Kristy Pew
An Executive Producer with a Mom who ‘donated’ her baby to the experiment share their story.

Maybe this is just me, but what I find most shocking about the show is not what was aired but the statements people have been making about it. I have heard experts in the field of child psychology expressing professional opinions from both ends of the spectrum. Some saying this will have no lasting negative effects on the babies featured on this show. Others state that these babies are now scarred for life. It’s scary to think that if you ever need to seek psychological help for your child, the diagnosis you get can vary that much depending on the expert!

If you have questions or concerns about the show, you will find one of the nannies that worked on the show and several of the parents posting at the NBC forums for the show. In this thread two of the real life mothers answer some questions about the show. Interesting reading.

Finally, here is a web exclusive from The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet featuring Kelsey, one of the teens and Natalie one of the mothers who ‘loaned’ her baby.

I really enjoyed the show and I look forward to seeing how the teens deal with parenting toddlers next week.

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The Baby Borrowers-The crying game

There is a new reality show that started June 25th that is causing quite a stir. It’s called The Baby Borrowers. You can read all about it here:
Baby Borrowers

“The Baby Borrowers” is an intriguing new social experiment based on the hit British program that asks five diverse teenage couples — ages 18-20 — to fast-track to adulthood by setting up a home, getting a job and becoming caring parents first to babies, toddlers, pre-teens and their pets, teenagers and senior citizens — all over the course of three weeks.

As the social experiment begins, the five young volunteer couples are asked to literally grow up overnight when they are each given a home in a quiet cul-de-sac outside Boise, Idaho and attend pre-natal classes as each “mother” wears a simulated “empathy” belly to prepare them for the arrival of their “baby.”

When a real baby (all aged six-11 months old) appears at their door — courtesy of five pairs of real volunteer parents (some of whom were teen parents themselves) who entrust their infants to one of the couples — the nervous, fumbling teens are in for three long, arduous days that make chilling out a distant memory. They must stick to rigid routines, handle the feeding chores, diaper duty and crying jags that might be shared by baby and teens — all the while under 24-hour supervision by nannies and the real parents who are stationed next door, watching via monitor, and able to step in at any time. Plus, one teen from each of the couples must start a job, ranging from working in a local vet’s office to a lumberyard, leaving the other alone as caregiver for the day.

After three surprising, intense days, each teen couple will bid bye-bye to the baby and receive a toddler as their fast-forward adult life progresses. They will have to cope with typical “terrible twos” behavior, including pouty tantrums, potty training and other messes. Three days later, the weary couples must face the reality of parenting several sassy pre-teens/”tweeners” at once — each with a family pet in tow, adding to their responsibilities.

Seventy-two hours later, the teenagers arrive, thereby perhaps providing them with a mirror image of their own recent relationships with their parents. To complete the cycle of life, the experiment ends with as couples are graced with the opportunity to care for a senior citizen, including some with health issues, who represent what might be in store for them in the distant future.

Here’s a 2 minute recap of episode one.

Catch the Encore Presentation Wed, July 2nd 8/7c on NBC, followed by Part 2

07/02/2008 (09:00PM – 10:00PM) (Wednesday) : FACED WITH THE REALITIES OF CARING FOR BABIES, KELSEY AND ALICEA MAKE SURPRISING REQUESTS TO THEIR BOYFRIENDS – After sleepless nights and busy days feeding, changing and playing with their infants, both Kensington, New Hampshire’s Kelsey and Houston’s Alicea make unexpected requests to their boyfriends — they want to go to work. The pressure of maintaining a job, house and family is starting to build, but the teens get a surprise from home that make some teens happy and others not so thrilled. As the teens say goodbye to their infants, the parents are anxious to be reunited with their kids and give the teens their first evaluation as “parents.”

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