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In the October 20th episode we find Sheldon in a dilemma. He can’t drive. And the bus will not allow him to lash himself to the seat with bungee cords.

‘Is there a ‘check the check engine light’? Oh boy!

Only Sheldon could play a game by himself, and still have the other person win!! And want to play again! Let alone find going over the speed bumps fun. Fun enough to warrant a giggle!

Of course until he goes over one on a vespa! Funniest vespa ride I’ve ever witnessed! And let’s not forget that pink helmet! Yowza!

A driving intervention. Only for Sheldon! And only Sheldon would make errand requests for a forced journey to the DMV!

Comparing himself to Albert Einstein. Again, only Sheldon!

When offered a free-no-test learners permit, Sheldon would of course hesitate to leave because he hadn’t had the desired length of time to correct the test questions. How else will the DMV learn?

Sheldon never ceases to amaze! How dare they tell him to shift the car into drive without him first putting his hypothetical seat belt on?! The nerve of some people!


I think we all knew that Sheldon would be the worst driver in the world! He is a genius, but doesn’t know not to drive into a mall in a virtual driving simulator! At least he was considerate enough to apologize to all of the people he ran over and crashed into!

Picture it. Sheldon. A plaid, flannel, bath robe. And a baby blue shower cap. Priceless.

The thought of Sheldon intimidating, really anyone, is just incredible! And rather unbelievable! But hysterical!

I guess we all know what Sheldon is going to be for Halloween this year. Last year, The Doppler Effect. This year, Phantom of the Lab.

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Funniest Part of The Big Bang Theory – Sheldon

Originally I was going to write this blog post about the show in its entirety. But then I realized that the funniest part is Sheldon, so I am just going to blog about him!

In the October 13th episode he opened with the paper towel bit. ‘I might as well sneeze my hands dry’. Classic!

My favorite part about Sheldon is that it doesn’t even phase him that no one else around him really gives a crap about any of the things he whines about! And that he is still perfectly content with himself and his life!

The smile he kept giving was fantastic! Loved the Joker reference! At times, yes, it did look like he was about to kill Raj. But let me just go on the record saying that Raj is certainly no Batman!

And when Sheldon threatened to make a drum out of Raj’s skin I almost wept tears of laughter! And then he topped it off with that psychotic smile. You can’t make that crap up!

Let’s just talk about Sheldons wardrobe for a second. When he isn’t dressed up as a comic book character or someone from Star Trek he wears the same thing. Long sleeve shirt, under a more colorful t-shirt that has some sort of picture on it, usually a comic book character, and a pair of pants.

I’ll admit it. I am oddly attracted to Sheldon! And I have the feeling I am not the only one out there who is!

His weird eating habits would make going out on dinner dates difficult, however. I have the feeling I would find myself over-tipping our server in advance so that they didn’t do anything heinous to our food because of all of the odd requests Sheldon would make!

Look at me, acting like we’re dating! Silly me!

The irony of Sheldons cat being named Lucky is just amazing! Not even for the obvious reason that he was run over by a truck, and how unlucky that is. More amazing is the thought of how Sheldon would treat a pet cat.

I can just see him now. Running experiments on the unsuspecting kitty to see if a cat could survive living on Mars, or something outrageous like that! Poor Lucky.

And how Sheldon is it that his first thought after having a pet die, would be how to replace said pet with a better one? And training this new and improved pet to kill people with its mind!! Oh boy.

Resenting his sister for getting swimming lessons from their parents, when they wouldn’t provide him with the necessary tools to create a griffin! Poor kid. How did he survive such a deprived childhood?

Sheldon is the poster child of a realist. He of course deems it necessary to point out that their meeting new people could indeed kill them!

But he’s not insane, his mother had him tested!

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