London Olympics 2012: The NBA at the Olympics

If you’re a basketball fan like me then you were probably keeping up with the roster of the United States Mens Basketball Team that are playing in London for the 2012 Olympics right now.

In case you happen to be hiding under a rock somewhere… here is the current roster as well as which NBA Team they are from:

TYSON CHANDLER New York Knicks Center
KEVIN DURANT Oklahoma City Thunder Forward
LEBRON JAMES Miami Heat Forward
RUSSELL WESTBROOK Oklahoma City Thunder Guard
DERON WILLIAMS Brooklyn Nets Point Guard
ANDRE IGUODALA Philadelphia 76ers Guard / Forward
KOBE BRYANT Los Angeles Lakers Shooting Guard
KEVIN LOVE Minnesota Timberwolves Forward / Center
JAMES HARDEN Oklahoma City Thunder Shooting Guard
CHRIS PAUL Los Angeles Clippers Point Guard
ANTHONY DAVIS New Orleans Hornets Forward / Center
CARMELO ANTHONY New York Knicks Forward

What people may or may not realize is that there is a significant number of NBA players that are also playing basketball in the Olympics but for other countries.

As of August 3rd the following teams are definitely qualified for the Quarterfinals:
– United States
– Russia
– Spain

As we know more of whom would be participating in the Quarterfinals this post will be updated accordingly.

Below is the list of those players as well as which NBA team they are from and which country they are playing for. Also included in the below list are those players that have been recently signed by various teams throughout the NBA over the summer of 2012.

Since the Mens Basketball Olympic Competition is still in the preliminary rounds til August 6th, we won’t know who of the below players we will have the pleasure of seeing play in the Top 8.
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