Fringe – Clues all over

September 4, 2008 I Written By

Fringe – Follow the Signs

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More comment’s from people that have seen the Fringe Pilot

Fringe Cast 1

Just watched this, didn’t do anything for me, same old paranoia theme.
The place settings hanging in the air was boring, the ending predictable.
Unless this is up against nothing else I won’t bother because I think it will
get canned like everything else they put on the air.

Fringe Cast 2

The people hating on this show are some of the whiniest little hypocrites I’ve
ever heard from…
How many times can you sit there and say “X-Files was such a great show, I wish
it was still around, or at least have another show like it” ??… Then
another show just like it comes out, and all you can say is “this shit is
ripping off the X-Files” ??
Well damn, kids… you can’t have it both ways!

Fringe Cast 3

It fills the void X-Files has left behind and bring’s a new sci-fi show to televsion. Unlike show’s like Hero’s and Smallville it doesn’t seem to cross the line to super powers and ends up reminds me more of the movie “The Cell” staring Jennifer Lopez

September 1, 2008 I Written By