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August 5, 2009 I Written By

Hell’s Kitchen Episode 4 Quick Hits

Hey all I’m back with my thoughts on the latest episode of Hell’s Kitchen. From last week’s previews it looks like Dave Levey may have to quit after his wrist injury, which would be a shame since he seems like he could contend for the title this year. Anyway on to this week’s show:

-Lovely thinks her being almost sent home by Chef was a scare tactic by him so she would step up. While he has been known to do that to other contestants, it was Ariel Contreras who put her up for elimination, not Chef, so I don’t think that really applies here.

– Tennille Middleton thinks Suzanne Schlicht was inappropriate in saying last week she would be annoyed (clean choice of words by me here) if Tennille caused the red team to lose. While Suzanne may be a bit harsh in her leadership tactics if Tennille cooked better than she wouldn’t have to deal with Suzanne’s wrath as much.

– Just when I’m starting to like Kevin Cottle, he begins plotting a strategy with Van to get Andy eliminated. I thought the contestants were too hard on Andy last week though it remains to be seen if he has cooking skills or not

-Great strategy by Chef Ramsay putting Suzanne and Tennille and Van and Andy together on the challenge to force them to get along. In any event it will create more drama, which is always entertaining.

-Did Van just call Robert Hesse “Biggins”??? It’s unclear if Robert approves of the nickname or not…

-The rest of the partners were interesting as well. I hope Amanda Davenport sitting out means Chef is comfortable enough with her skills that he doesn’t need to see her perform in the challenge, but I doubt it. And putting the two injured guys together (Dave and Kevin) intrigued me as well. If they can win with only two good ankles and three good wrists between them they deserve a reward.

-Should Tennille really have admitted to Chef she doesn’t like sausage when the challenge involves said meat? I’m actually a bit surprised all the men have worked with sausage before but not all of the women.

-Suzanne actually encourages Tennille at the start of the challenge- I’m amazed! I give Suzanne credit for sucking up her differences with Tennille and working with her as a team.

-Hey even Lovely can make a perfect sausage (with Tek Moore’s help of course)- there may be hope for Miss Lovely yet!

-Van, however, still considers “teamwork” to mean “shout really loud at your partner until they listen”. No wonder the only pair on the men’s side to have sausages done early in the challenge are the injured Kevin and Dave. But why are Robert and Jim McGloin so slow? They have potential to make it far in this competition, so they shouldn’t struggle making a simple sausage link.

-Robert of course blames Jim for his duo’s struggles. So much for the return of cuddly, funny Robert from the early part of last season.

-Ariel continues to impress, especially considering she’s never made sausage before. This proves that she is a quick learner as well, an important quality for a chef.

-Amazingly the men have tied it 4-4 without any help from Robert and Jim. Looks like Andy is not so incompetent after all, huh Van?

-One sausage link away from winning, Ariel and Sabrina send up a too-small sausage. But neither blames the other for the mishap, they just keep on working. I’m liking Ariel more and more each week.

-The women do end up winning, and it is a full team effort (minus Amanda of course), as each duo does two sausage links each. I wonder if Amanda will share in the reward despite not taking part in the challenge. And maybe Tennille and Lovely are more competent than I thought. Of course working with Suzanne and Tek respectively, two of the stronger red team chefs, probably helped.

-Robert and Jim rightly get chewed out by Chef Ramsay for failing miserably at the challenge. Even amicable Dave calls them out in the confessional. At least their punishment this week is the harmless task of cleaning dorms, so it’s unlikely any more of them will get hurt.

-Tennille and Lovely are way too confident in the confessionals after the challenge considering they almost went home last week.

-Should Chef Ramsay really be giving the red team beer as a reward when the men were hung over after their reward a few weeks ago?

-While Kevin may have been a bit harsh in his commentary after the loss that his “executive chef” teammates should have been able to make simple sausage, I think Robert should have shut his mouth considering he was the main reason (along with Jim) that their team lost the challenge. At least Robert admitted afterwards he was mad at himself and Jim too for failing at the challenge- it takes a lot of courage to do that.

-Van calling his fellow contestants “slobs” won’t win him many fans in the Hell’s Kitchen dorms

-Aw JP looks so dapper when he meets the girls at their reward destination. And Tennille admits she likes sausage now! Wow maybe she can change…

-Kevin and Robert seem to have made up (wonder how long that will last) and now turn their attention to Jim, who they believe doesn’t have the desire to win. I haven’t seen that at all from Jim, and I’m really starting to dislike how quickly Kevin and Robert turn on their teammates.

-Ooh even sous chef Scott disses Robert, saying he should show this intensity and anger during the challenge (a fair point). That poor broom (and for the record I mean the real broom Robert broke, not Robert himself)! And I don’t think I agree with Robert’s statement that he risked his life to be on the show last season. He didn’t even know he was sick for much of last year and when he found out he dropped out rather than risk his life. I’m starting to wish even more that Chef had brought Ji back instead of him. Maybe he didn’t bring Ji back because she wouldn’t cause that much drama in the house (which was the main reason I liked her so much last season).

-Why do I have the feeling the blue team will overcome all their differences and win the dinner service? Usually it seems like whenever one team is getting along and the other isn’t the one that is having issues comes together and wins the service.

-Dave finds out he will have to wear a cast on his broken wrist that prevents him from moving his thumb. Well that explains why he considers quitting- it’s kind of hard to cook without a thumb. I hope he’ll put off the procedure so he won’t have to quit, but I’m not optimistic. Plus if he does quit that means another week of Tennille, Lovely, Robert, Andy, et all.

-Yay he decides to stay!! Luckily it’s his weaker hand that he injured or he really might have had to quit. He’s officially my male favorite now (with Ariel and Tek being my female favorites), especially now that Kevin and Robert have become mean-spirited. Though I don’t know how well Dave will do with one thumb…

-Somehow Dave gets to miss dinner service to get the cast. That means he’ll likely survive this elimination since even if the men fail miserably he won’t be around to mess anything up. I’m surprised they didn’t wait another day to get him the cast, especially since he was doing fine without it and the men are already down two players to the women.

-I see the duos from the challenge have carried over to the dinner service. I understand why Chef chose Ariel to be a greeter, since Lovely was in the dining room last week, but I think Ariel is needed more in the kitchen.. Though we will get to see how Lovely will do without Ariel around to help her. We’ll also get to see if Robert and Kevin were right about Jim slowing them down in the kitchen.

-Tonight celebrities show up for dinner. I wonder how much Chef paid them to show up. And is it sad that the celeb I was most excited to see was Drew Lachey? (I grew up in the 90s, right in the middle of the boy band craze. Plus he was great on DWTS!)

-Hey Dwight Freeney is in the house (he’s an NFL player for the Indianapolis Colts for those who don’t know). But as a Jets fan I’m hoping the Hell’s Kitchen injury bug bites him too!

-It seems the contestants are told about the celebrities, which never makes sense to me since the contestants should cook the same for everybody, famous or not. I understand having Chef tell the contestants that the celebs are in the house but knowing which orders are the celebs’ doesn’t allow the chefs to show how they cook for ordinary people.

-Lucky Ariel gets to meet Drew Lachey. Maybe that greeter job isn’t so bad after all!

-Sure enough the blue team is falling behind because of Jim’s slowness. I didn’t notice it until now but it does seem more apparent tonight. Plus he doesn’t know what is in the appetizer he is serving- not good. Seems he’s spending too much time chatting with Tom Green (not that I blame him) and not enough time serving food.

-Suzanne genuinely seems to be trying to help Tennille at her station, but Tennille just won’t listen. I understand not wanting help with your station but considering she’s been up for elimination two weeks in a row she might want to listen to Suzanne’s advice.

-The best part about John O’Hurley getting salty food was hearing his description of it. That man is pretty funny.

-I’m starting to think maybe Tek isn’t as good a cook as Ji after her salty pasta disaster. And is that Tennille being a team player and helping Tek out? Tennille really is having a strong night. She’s still obnoxious, but at least she can actually cook.

-Robert also is a bit too cocky for someone who can’t even make a proper sausage.

-You know the red team is having a good night when we get no more complaints from Chef until entrees, and even then Chef is fairly tame when Lovely doesn’t season her food. So maybe Tennille is more competent than I thought but I don’t think Lovely is.

-Sabrina pulls a Tennille and helps Lovely with her garnish. When I first saw Sabrina I thought she was all about the looks but now I think she could go far in this competition.

-I defended Andy last week, but there’s no excuse for cold lamb (at least none that I can come up with). Robert’s constant teasing and yelling isn’t helping though. He’s so loud the customers can hear him! I thought only Chef Ramsay was allowed to yell that much. Sure Andy isn’t doing well but cursing and yelling only makes things worse. I do give Robert credit again for admitting his mistake afterwards.

-Lovely doesn’t even know what is being served at the moment. I guess her success in the challenge was all because of Ariel. Unfortunately it looks like the red team is going to win the service so the girls will have to put up with her for another week.

-Haha at Tom Green pretending to choke on Andy’s lamb. He may have been a space cadet on Celebrity Apprentice but he at least has a good sense of humor about the late food.

-Suzanne makes a mistake in the kitchen! I’m shocked (not really)! At least she asks specifically what she did wrong and Chef obliges. He can tell she’s a good cook which is why he’s more patient with her. When she first stood up to Chef I thought we would have a Joseph Part II but she calmed down quickly thank goodness.

-Dave returns in time to do desserts. They weren’t kidding about not being able to use his thumb. I don’t know if he can save the sinking ship that is the blue team tonight though.

-Grr Chef Ramsay does the whole “whichever team finishes first wins dinner service” deal. I hate this just because it emphasizes quantity over quality. Plus like last week the women seemed to have a much stronger service than the men (with their only weak link really being Lovely) yet they might have to send two people up for elimination just because they are a bit slower at the end. Though I’m almost positive that if the red team loses Lovely is gone, which would actually be a positive for their team.

-Of course it comes down to the last ticket. It always does…

-Woah even Scott snaps at Andy for having undercooked meat. This guy can’t cook meat to save his life. And if he’s getting Scott yelling at him he must be having a REALLY bad day.

-Andy recovers and Ariel sends up good pasta, so it’s down to the sides. Uh oh, that means Lovely on garnish- bad news for the red team.

-Sure enough blue team wins undeservedly. Plus they only beat the red team by a few seconds. Chef can’t really give them the win when they barely beat the women and had more issues throughout service than the red team did, can he?

-Indeed he does. They lose just because they were a few seconds late with their sides??? Really?? That just seems really unfair to me. I wonder if it was just an excuse for him to get rid of Lovely, who is arguably the worst chef left on either team.

-Suzanne asks for a play-by-play as to why they lost. I don’t think this is that unfair of a question (she may have been too preoccupied with her station to see what happened with the sides), but Chef disagrees I guess.

-Since there are only ten minutes left I’m guessing it’s a quick elimination tonight. I don’t even know who else the women would send up besides Lovely. They could send up Suzanne for her poor attitude but she’s been such a strong leader I can’t see Chef eliminating her.

-Good for Sabrina getting “best of the worst”. I guess he can’t give it to Ariel every week and Sabrina did step up to help Lovely and apparently help out on other stations as well. She is a bit too proud of herself after this accomplishment though.

-The men are also WAY too cocky for a team that won by just a few seconds. Maybe it wasn’t that close (there is always editing on these shows) but it sure seemed that way.

-Sabrina tells Lovely her decision is not personal at all. Apparently those two are good friends. Sabrina also is handling this elimination responsibility well, talking to Tek and Lovely in private about her decision rather than confronting them in front of the group.

-I can’t believe Sabrina thinks Tek is going home tonight. Sure she was little slow on that one pasta dish but Lovely has been clueless for several weeks now.

-Just when I start liking Sabrina she starts dissing Tek, saying she’s making excuses. I agree with Tek here- she made ONE mistake and it was early in the evening. It’s not like she takes 42 minutes to hand in a ticket or doesn’t know what the next order is. I understand Sabrina being loyal to her friend and all but she has to admit Tek was not that bad. Plus this was Tek’s first bad week, while Lovely has had several.

-Chef didn’t seem too impressed with Tek’s performance either given his reaction to her nomination. Maybe Tek was bad but we just didn’t see it.

-Sabrina even implies in her nominations that she wants Tek to go home. She goes into detail about what Tek did wrong while just saying that Lovely “failed on the garnish station”. Though that failure alone may be enough to send Lovely home.

-Lovely has been up for elimination THREE times. He can’t really send Tek home, can he?

-Chef questions Lovely’s drive, saying he never sees her sweat during a service. Lovely responds that she moves so fast he can’t see her sweat. So she’s incompetent AND nuts? Chef has to send her home pronto.

-Chef calls out Suzanne’s name and then we go to commercial. I think that’s just a ploy- he’s not really going to send Suzanne home. He’ll probably just ask for her opinion.

-Yay I was totally right! And I swear I wrote the above bullet before the show came back from the last commercial break.

-Thank goodness Suzanne tells Chef to send home Lovely, and Chef agrees. Though from his reaction it seems like he would have sent Lovely home no matter what Suzanne said. Asking for her opinion was just a trick to make it look like he would send Suzanne home. I’ve only been watching this show for 2.5 seasons and I already know all the tricks….

-At least Lovely is in good spirits when she leaves- I’ll give her credit for that. But I won’t get tired of all the puns she and Chef make on her name.

-Next week is one of the most important dinner services ever. Yet another ploy to get my hopes up only to leave me disappointed in the end. I’ll just go in with low expectations so I’ll be surprised if it really is something as crucial as Chef says.

-Suzanne thinks Chef decided to send Lovely home because she told him to. First of all I think he would have send Lovely home anyway. Second of all she says we haven’t seen her bad side yet?? I’m afraid to see what that is.

-“If people were named for their cooking, her name wouldn’t be Lovely, it would be Useless”- I love Chef Ramsay!

-Too bad former marine Joseph isn’t around for next week’s soldier homecoming. It also looks like Tennille is praised and Tek is in trouble again. Looks like a wild episode…

So any thoughts on tonight’s show? Do you agree that Chef was unfair in how he determined the winner? Are you starting to hate Kevin and Robert too? And how much do you admire Dave for sticking with it despite having only one hand? Post your comments below.

August 4, 2009 I Written By